Our Mission Statement:

By disproving stigmas attached to individuals with special needs, The Dancing Divas and Dudes will promote equality and opportunity. Their energy, determination, and courage will prove their immense ability and value.  

How we Make a differenace

The Team

The team members of the Dancing Divas and Dudes are provided with a safe haven to grow physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our practices begin with “circle time” which allows each team member to debrief from their week in a supportive environment. Next, the Divas and Dudes stretch and work on their physical fitness. Balance, technique, and strength are improved through the team’s warm up. Finally, the team spends time learning and perfecting their current performance piece. 


After months of hard work learning and perfecting a dance, the Dancing Divas and Dudes have the opportunity to perform for an audience. Each performance plays a significant part in improving the team’s confidence. Additionally, the Dancing Divas and Dudes hope that through their performances the audience will have chance to experience the ability and value of individuals with special needs. 


The Dancing Divas and Dudes is more than just a dance class. We are unique because we take our team outside of the studio in order to provide social opportunities. Our teams participate in monthly activities. These activities offer organic integration of individuals with special needs into the community. Additionally, we try to participate in several service projects in order to give back to our community. 

Team Goals


Performance Goals

The Divas hope to have the opportunity to perform at the following events and locations:

TPAC, The Ryman,  America’s Got Talent, Good Morning America, Universal Dance Association‘s National Competition, Macy‘s Thanksgiving Day Parade


Team Growth

The Divas hope to one day be located in every major city. By offering this program to many cities more women of all ages will be able to grow confidence and prove their value.


Our Biggest Ambitions

The following includes some of the team members largest aspirations:

Meet the President 

Have our own dance studio 

Be on Ellen DeGeneres and Shark Tank 

Perform in Iceland

Request a performance or appearance