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Ways to Volunteer


Be a Buddy

Drop in to one of our classes to spend time with our amazing team and help practice go smoothly.


Join one of our committees

The Divas have 4 committees that still have place for people who want to have a flexible commitment. 

Performance Committee: Help the Divas find places where they can perform the dances the work hard to perfect! Performances are key to building confidence! Our goal is to book 1 performance every 1-2 months!

Activities Committee: Help plan local activities for the Divas to participate in! These activities are what make us a team. They allow for social growth and communication within the team members. Our goal is to have one team activity per month. 

Financial Committee: By being a part of the financial committee your goal is to find and plan fundraiser! Fundraising is the key to allowing the Divas to continue to thrive. This can be as simple as sitting down at your computer for a few minutes a week to research opportunities in our area! We have a goal of one to two fundraiser per month.

Social Media Committee: Social Media is the number 1 way to promote and market in today's world. Help keep all of the Divas social media up to date, creative, and aesthetic. 


Teach a Specialized Dance Class

The Dancing Divas are always looking for Dancers that may have a unique skill or extensive knowledge in a specific genre. If you have a unique skill whether it be hip hop tricks, Barre class, Zumba, or Yoga. Any specialized skill can help improve our team's knowledge of Dance as well as their physical fitness. We would love to have you drop in to teach a class!