Want to Be a Diva or Dude?

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The Teams


The Pink Team

The "Pink Team" is our  competitive team.  This team is goal oriented and allows members to reach their potential. Being a member of this team is a commitment. Practices are necessary to ensuring successful competitive dances. This team will attend 4 regional competitions per year as well as the local performances the Gray team and Dudes participate in. This team offers development to dancers technique and strength. 


The Gray Team

The "Gray Team" is our non-competitive team .  This team offers a more nurturing atmosphere. The pace of this class is slower and offers more time for dancers to master their performance piece. This team participates in local performances, and team activities.  


The Dancing Dudes

The Dancing Dudes is a dance program tailored to boys and men with special needs. This team offers community to its participants. Through hip hop and R&B choreography the Dudes will be able to express themselves and develop confidence.  The Dudes will perform at local venues and participate in team activities. 


New Member Fee

After 3 trial classes new members are required to pay a new member fee. This fee is one team only of  60$ and includes our team jacket and team t-shirt. 

All Teams

The Pink Team, Gray Team, and Dudes all pay $60 per month as tuition. These fees cover costumes, team activities, space rental, and staffing. 

Competition Fee

The Pink Team has an additional $60 fee per month. This totals to $120 total to participate per month. This extra fee covers travel expenses to our regional competitions.